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Catalog & Purchasing

The buttons on the right take you to lists of works: the whole list or by categories.  When you click on the title of a work from one of these lists, you go to a page with more information about the work.

If the work is carried by a publisher, you’ll find a link to that publisher’s web listing of the work, along with purchase information.

If the work is “sold on this site,” you’ll find links to abridged PDF score samples and (if available) audio files of the work, along with a link which says “Click here to request full review copy, to purchase, etc.,” which will allow you to send an e-mail to

How to Purchase:

Unless otherwise noted, the price quoted for each work is for reproduction rights – the right to print one copy of that work. 

Once you’ve selected which works and how many copies of each you’d like, send that information to me via e-mail.  I’ll send back an e-mail with a link to an invoice.  You can either pay the invoice online with a credit card or print out the invoice and send a check.

After I receive your payment, I’ll send you a PDF of each work for printing and reproduction, and a permission letter granting you the right to print the number of copies of each work that you’ve purchased. 

If you’d prefer to buy hard copies of a work, please indicate that in your e-mail. Before I send you an invoice, I’ll let you know what additional charges will apply for producing and shipping the hard copies.



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