Jonathan Santore, composer
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The pieces below are by Jonathan Santore and comprise the musical catalog on this site. Each title is a link to the catalog page for that piece, where you'll find options for listening, purchase, or questions. Please note that all music on this site is under copyright, and cannot be reproduced without permission of the copyright holder.


Complete Catalog

1E&A2&, Grade III band NEW

22nd Fanfare, Two trumpets/two trombones, Short opening/interval fanfare

Adjectives, Eb clarinet/piano

Barren Rhapsodies, Soprano sax/chamber orchestra (also two-piano reduction)

Battle-Pieces, mezzo/SATB chorus/strings NEW

Comfort Ye (Goudimel Dances), Band, based on a tune by Claude Goudimel

Divertimento, Violin/clarinet/bassoon

Duplicitous Fits and Starts, Piano

Eight Gypsy Songs after Brahms, SATB chorus a cappella

Fanfare for the House of God, SATB chorus a cappella, published by Yelton Rhodes Music, Inc.

Festival Fanfare, Orchestra or brass quartet, short opening/interval fanfare

Festive Changes on "Westminster Abbey", Carillon, published by American Carillon Music Editions, Inc.

Forgetting, SATB chorus/piano or for SATB chorus/orchestra

Front Porch Poems, Mezzo/viola/piano

G&S Express (All Aboard the Modern Major General), Grade II band

Gallery Resonare, trumpet solo

God’s World, SATB chorus a cappella, published by Walton Music Corporation, Inc.

Gone From My Sight, SATB chorus/piano NEW

Harp Carol, SATB chorus/harp/optional percussion, published by Alliance Music Publications, Inc.

House Song to the East, 2nd movement of The Whole World is Coming, SATB chorus a cappella, published by Alliance Music Publications, Inc.

“If There Are Any Heavens", Soprano or tenor/violin/piano

The Insoluble Persists, Trombone/piano

“I Want to Die While You Love Me", Alto/piano

Kalevala Fragments, SATB chorus a cappella, published by Yelton Rhodes Music, Inc.

Later, Narrator/orchestra

Laudate, Confitemini, SAB chorus/two trumpets/organ

Living With Squirrels, SATB chorus/piano

Love Always!, SATB chorus/soprano saxophone

Lucky Sevens, Orchestra

Mary’s First Lullaby, SATB chorus/piano or cello, published by Yelton Rhodes Music, Inc.

Memorial Day, Grade I band

Mnemonics, flugelhorn/horn NEW

“My Wife”, Tenor/piano

The Numbers, Flute/oboe/piano or flute/Bb clarinet/cello/piano

One Christmas, SATB chorus/horn/piano NEW

O Sweet Spontaneous Earth, SATB chorus/string trio NEW

Out of the Depths, TTBB chorus a cappella

The Owl and the Pussycat, SATB chorus/piano or guitar, published by Yelton Rhodes Music, Inc.

Piano Monster!, Large piano ensemble, published by Manduca Music Publications, Inc.

Requiem: Learning to Fall, mezzo/SATB chorus/orchestra NEW

The Return (Armistice Poems), SATB chorus/piano

Riding on the Plank, SATB chorus/piano NEW

Rondo Ostinato (Elegy for Z), Brass quintet, showpiece for Trumpet 1

Short Rumination and Grofean Romp, Oboe, clarinet, bassoon NEW

Smoking, Drinking, Messing Around, SATB chorus/oboe/clarinet/bassoon/piano NEW

Solstices, mezzo/SATB chorus/strings/percussion NEW

A Song of the Road, SATB chorus/trumpet/piano four hands

Sun of Righteousness, SATB chorus/organ

Tango Melancólico (One Sad Silly Tango), Grade III band

Then Shall Be Heard Music Here, SATB chorus (a cappella)

This Holy Christmas Night, SATB chorus/organ published by Walton Music Corporation, Inc.

Three Processionals for Two Trumpets, Two trumpets

Three Seasons (Claude McKay Poems), SATB chorus/English horn (doubling oboe)/viola/cello/harp

Time Has Cast It All Far Back, SATB chorus/piano NEW

To the Lady Arabella, SATB chorus/piano NEW

Today, SATB chorus/piano, published by Yelton Rhodes Music, Inc.

Tres Rimas Humanas, SATB chorus a cappella NEW

Two Letters of Sulpicia, Mezzo-soprano/bassoon

The Unicorn in the Garden, SATB chorus/mixed ensemble

Untitled, SATB chorus/piano

Ut Prosim, SATB chorus/piano

Walden Recessional, SATB chorus/cello

Waltzes About France, SATB chorus/jazz quartet (tenor saxophone/piano/bass/drums)

When the White Dove, SATB chorus/string quartet or piano

The Whole World Is Coming, SATB chorus a cappella


Jonathan Santore
Plymouth, NH


Constantly Learning Composition

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